The Original Gold Bar Whiskey 750ml

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What is it?

The GOLD BAR bottle has received numerous packaging and design awards. It is truly a cutting edge work of art. The 750 mL bottle is shaped like a solid gold bar. The GOLD BAR bottle and is made of glass and stands on its own in an upright position. The bottle may also be displayed flat with true gold bar lines.

Each individually numbered 750mL glass bottle of Gold Bar Whiskey features an iconic ‘Lady of Fortune’ solid brass coin. This replica and collector-grade coin is pressed into each unique bottle. The coin embodies true American craftsmanship and our company history.

It is also minted one-by-one at America’s oldest operating private mint. The mint’s history actually dates back to 1835 and predates the introduction of the legal tender banknote.

A delicious, easy whiskey for sharing on any occasion. Rich with honey, rye and dried red fruits, this 750ml bottle is a great gift and the presentation is a real crowd pleaser.

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