Joseph Olive Oil and Vinegar Set

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What is it?

This is a match made in heaven. Well actually the Joseph Extra Virgin Olive Oil and La Casetta Aged Vinegar are made in South Australia! We have bundled them together in a vegan leather gift bag to create the perfect gift for a multitude of occasions.

La Casetta Aged Vinegar is barrel aged for a minimum of five years following a slow wood-fire reduction. Lingering, madeirized and slightly sweet, this powerful vinegar transforms any dish.

Here’s how the Aged Vinegar is made:

The base wine comes from white grape juice that has been boiled in stainless steel tubs for many hours using the heat from a wood fire. When it cools, fermentation begins spontaneously to produce 'vino cotto' - a rustic, slightly sweet, sherry-like wine.

This wine is stored in half-full old oak barrels in the warm ambience of the vineyard shed. A'mother' culture of acetic bacteria is then introduced, which grows on the surface transforming it into vinegar.

The lingering madeirized and slightly sweet flavours of this strong vinegar instantly transforms any dish in which it is used. At home we use it mainly in the classic olive oil / vinegar / salt / pepper dressing for salads.

Joseph Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 375ml is so good. For decades, the Joseph label has set the benchmark for premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Australia. Joe Grilli has never compromised in his mission to release the very best of South Australian seasonal produce year after year.

Since 1989 Primo Estate winemaker and olive oil blender Joe Grilli has been setting the standard for Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with his carefully crafted oils. As the name suggests, the small batch of Mount Compass fruit is pressed at low temperatures to capture the olive's most vibrant, intense flavours.

Following a hot summer, the 2020 olive harvest was characterised by a long, cool ripening period. These ideal conditions led to a pristine quality of fruit and gave ample time for olives to ripen steadily. The Mount Compass olives arrived at the press showing powerful aromatics.

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