J Friend and Co Yellow Box Honey 160g

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What is it?

Jeremy Friend started selling New Zealand honey five years ago when he found that the best stuff was being exported without reaching the local New Zealand population. His mission was to bring the best single-varietal honey to the people without blending it, heating it or heavily filtering it. What resulted was a brand that specialises in finding honeys that are produced with care for the bees and the land, and that come from a single nectar source and season reflecting the location of the hives in their unique flavour.

Yellow Box Honey from Inverell in NSW is light amber in colour, smooth and buttery on the palate, not overly sweet, and finishes with floral and refreshing citrus notes. This honey pairs well with gorgonzola or can be used sweeten hot drinks or drizzled over weetbix. That’s what happens in our house!

Please note that due to Quarantine restrictions we are unable to ship this product to Western Australia.

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