Instaspresso Freeze Dried Espresso Coffee 30g

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What is it?

Instaspresso is not your average supermarket-style instant coffee. Instaspresso is specialty instant coffee - created with premium coffee beans that are lovingly brewed by our baristas. This liquid gold is then freeze-dried to create our Instaspresso instant coffee powder. And all because we know you deserve to enjoy a café coffee experience at home, without the mess or fuss.

What’s in our Instaspresso?

Nothing but quality coffee beans.

It’s 100% coffee beans that comes with our promise of pure, unadulterated flavour.

Our freeze-dried process is chemical-free and additive-free.

Because nothing should come between you and your love of pure coffee pleasure.

Our liquid coffee is poured into trays and then added to our freeze-drying machine, where it cools to sub-zero temperatures. The next part of the process sees the water carefully extracted from the frozen blocks, resulting in a soluble coffee, which is ground into our premium Instaspresso powder.

Making your own Instaspresso is easy!

You can recreate your favourite cafe coffee in your own home without the need for a coffee machine or pod machine. Environmentally-friendly Instaspresso is also perfect to take camping or travelling, ensuring you get a great coffee experience on the move.

Simply take one teaspoon of Instaspresso and add hot water (or your favourite warm milk). It’s as easy as that.

Whether you crave a long black, or a café latte, Instaspresso puts café-style coffee in your hands – without the queue.

Instaspresso can also be used for an espresso martini, or in cooking. Because Instaspresso powder dissolves easily in both cold and hot water, it’s the easiest way to make the drinks you love - day or night.

Our 30gm jar of Instaspresso is equivalent to 10 shots of espresso coffee.

To make your Instaspresso, simply take one teaspoon of Instaspresso and add hot water (or your favourite warm milk). It’s as easy as that!

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