Help is on it's way

What time does your office open?

Our office is buzzing from 830am and we will be ready to take your calls. If you know who you would like to chat to, it's best to call their mobile directly. If you want some good-old fashioned, warm, sunny, happy-go-lucky customer service; call 1300 911 565. We’ll be waiting.

What does bgs stand for?

bgs stands for beauty’s got soul. We love an abbreviation and will be using this in general chitter chatter.

What time doe syour office close

Officially we close at 5pm, but don’t be surprised if we answer at other times of the day and night. We have a sneaky suspicion that you will love us more if we answer outside of our standard work times. We will do our best.

Our choices for good

Do your test your products on animals?

No way! That would be mean and wrong. Not now and not ever. We have tried our products on our family and friends; and they are all doing fine! In all seriousness, beauty’s got soul will never test on animals. We are holy moley souly a cruelty free brand.

Are your ingredients organic?

We use the very best quality ingredients and the essential oils used in our hand cream, body wash and hand wash are certified organic.

Are your products cruelty free?

Yes! They most definitely are. Our products are not tested on animals. That would be cruel and wrong.

Are beauty's got soul products vegan?

Yes indeedy. Our products do not contain any animal products or animal-derived ingredients. We have even developed an awesome range of vegan leather gift bags.

Is your packaging recyclable?

The future of our planet is important to us. As we create and develop our products, we keep our love for our planet firmly in our minds. We have tried to minimise packaging as much as possible. No bubble wrap and no packaging fillers. Our gifts bags are made from vegan leather and even our shipping cartons are created from recycled cartons.

Does beauty's got soul contain nasties?

Nah. We are not friends with the nasties. We are free from parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), mineral oils, synthetic colours in our products.

Where are beauty's got soul products made?

We are an Australian-owned company and we create our products in Australia. We are proudly Made in Australia!  

Who develops the beauty's got soul products

We do. We are a private company, owned and operated in Australia.

What are the expiry dates for beauty's got soul products?

Our hand cream, hand wash, body wash and soap all last 12 months after opening. We recommend you keep your beauty’s got soul products in a cool place.

Will beauty's got soul products make me more kind and attractive?

What a silly question. You're already the most popular and kind person we know.

Extra extra read all about it!

How can I share my beauty's got soul crush?

Come play with us on the socials. We are @beautysgotsoul on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter: all of them. We get to see all your cute photos if you tag them #beautysgotsoul

Where do I send my press enquiry?

Send our Founder and CEO, Leonie Henzell, a mail note to heybeauty@beautysgotsoul.com . I bet she will be pretty happy to hear from you! She's happy to share her story during fireside chats, speak at events and share experiences about entrepreneurship, ecommerce, kindness and collaboration.

Who's in charge of advertising and collaboration?

Our Founder and CEO, Leonie Henzell, looks after this. Please send her a mail note to heybeauty@beautysgotsoul.com and she will be in touch. She’s a fancy little live wire. PS. She wrote this bit.

Can beauty's got soul sponsor my event?

Send us a mail note to heybeauty@beautysgotsoul.com with all the deets and we will be in touch.

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