Belvedere Vodka 700ml

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What is it?

Belvedere Vodka, distilled in the heart of Mazovia from Dankowskie Rye and 100% pure water, pays homage to more than 600 years of Polish savoir-faire and tradition.

Belvedere is the world’s original luxury vodka. Since it was established, the House has always aimed to be at the forefront of innovation in the sector while also remaining faithful to its heritage and the highest quality standards.

The secret behind its production is the combination of impeccable quality, locally-sourced ingredients: Dankowskie Rye, a rye with distinctive characteristics, and the purest water drawn from wells situated in the grounds of the distillery. Distilled four times, the vodka is then enhanced by an exceptional presentation. The bottle is the first of its kind to combine frosted and transparent glass to depict the ‘Belweder’, the Polish presidential palace, which really does justice to the meaning of the Brand’s name: ‘beautiful to see’.

Belvedere Vodka is our Vodka of choice to add to any of our beauty’s got soul gift sets, when ordering online.

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