Belvedere Vodka Lake Bartezek 700ml

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What is it?

Belvedere Vodka Single Estate Rye Lake Bartezek

A true vodka enthusiast will love this over ice or in a cocktail to bring out the citrus notes.

Is there Terroir in Vodka?

The idea that wine is chiefly influenced by the environment it comes from, seems to be the conceptual opposite of vodka, which is supposed to be a neutral spirit. In reality, vodkas are capable of many nuances.

Belvedere’s answer to the terroir question is two new Single Estate Rye releases, one from Lake Bartezek and the other from Smogory Forest, in the west of Poland, near the German border. Both are made from Dankowskie Diamond rye, and in addition to the lake vs. forest differences, Lake Bartezek has long, windy and snowy weathers, with the rye buried under snow for almost 3 months, while Smogory Forest winters are milder.

These are both highlighting a different characteristic of Belvedere. The standard Belvedere is rich with bright spiciness. The Lake Bartezek, on its own, is more citrusy and lighter, with a longer finish, whereas the Smogory Forest is lusher, creamier and has a richer texture. You can definitely tell the difference. Why not send both as a gift to a true vodka enthusiast.

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